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Work Permit for Residents under Friendly Nations Visa

All foreigners who have a Permanent Residency approved under the category of Friendly Nations Visa can apply to the indefinite Work Permit.

You do not have to renew the work permit and the most important requirement is to provide the resolution of approval of the Visa.

The time of process for the approval of the Work Permit is of 2 to 4 months, however once the documents are filed it is possible to obtain a certification that allows you to work while the documents are in process.

Other documents that are included:

– 4 pictures

– Migratory Status (obtained by lawyer)

– Power of Attorney

Previously the Labor Ministry was approving work permits for dependents, but recently this was suspended by the authorities.

What kind of work can you execute once you have the work permit?

You can look for a job with a company or work through your own company, as well as to provide services as individual. It is important to mention that companies still have to comply with the percentage allowed to hire foreigners established by Law.

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