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Dependents for Friendly Nations Permanent Residency

Applicants for the Friendly Nations Visa can include dependents: spouse, children and parents.

There is no need for you to have a larger amount in the bank, however it is recommended to do so if you will include several dependents.

Another information you should know:

– You should obtain marriage certificate in case of including wife
– You should include birth certificate if you include children and parents
– All certificates must be apostilled or legalized
– Children 11 and less do not pay for repatriation deposit
– Ages 18+ must include police records

– Children 18+ must prove they are currently studying

There was a period of time in which dependents were able to apply to a work permit, however, recently the Ministerio de Trabajo is not accepting applications unless they have a contract provided by a company in Panama.

You can include dependents at the moment of applying for your own Residency or you can do so afterwards as a separate process once you have your Residency approved.


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