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Labor Law

Panama has a Labor Code that regulates the entire relationship between a worker and his/her employer. There are strict dispositions that guarantee the worker’s well-being, and it is essential complying with the regulation in order to avoid fines or excessive payments as employers.

Our firm can provide, in the Labor field, with the following services:

For workers:
– Advisory about the work relationship
– Work contracts advisory and revision
– Representation before work and conciliation courts
– Estimates on terminations

For the companies:
– Advisory about the work relationship
– Revision and drafting of work contracts
– Representation before work and conciliation courts
– Estimates on payroll and Social Security
– Estimates on terminations
– Registration of Rules of Procedure(mandatory for companies with 10 or more workers)

Most common situations within a work relationship:
– Hiring personnel without a written contract
– Not registering personnel in payroll
– Hiring foreign personnel without work permit
– Wrongful terminations
– Payment of salary on alleged professional service while maintaining economic dependency and a work shift
– Non-paid overtime
– Unjustified absences
– Non compliance of the worker with duties
– Among others

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