If you are thinking on registering a Corporation in Panama, you will be able to identify that doing so carries diverse advantages for your business. Panama has some unique tools that provide the possibility of doing international business reducing taxes and therefore, increasing profit, as well as asset protection, anonymity, or simply to carry out local business in a more efficient manner.

We can mention for example that offshore companies in Panama are not obliged to declare or pay taxes locally. Private Foundations are used often to protect assets, which are legally unseizable and work perfectly as a substitute for wills.

Both the Corporations and Foundations are also able to open bank accounts in Panama or in any other country, as well as to be owner of any asset. Registration is made in approx. 2-5 business days. Some businesses may require special permits and procedures.

As corporate lawyers in Panama, we provide not only the services of registering the company you require, we give you support on all corporate manners such as special permits (Colon Free Zone, SEM (establishing a branch of Multinational Companies), Restaurants, etc.), as well as for the daily requirements your business needs: Contracts, payroll, new branches, etc.

We invite you learn more about these figures.

Incorporated Companies in Panama

Used for the commercial practice in general and is the most commonly used, but the Panamanian Incorporated Companies have another series of advantages and uses.

Private Interest Foundations in Panama

The Private Interest Foundations is another legal mean to protect the patrimony and the fiscal planning on the Republic of Panama.

Offshore Companies in Panama

Fiscal instruments by excellence and provide, to the investor, a series of advantages linked to the fiscal benefits of Panama.

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